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Falegnameria Gentili Denis


Proud to be experts in windows and doors restoration
"The maintenance and restoration allow all elements in wood to preserve the environment and therefore make energy cost savings"

"artisan company with artistic and traditional skills qualification"


Rustic doors

For ease of use for simple lines, rustic locks, door is the result of extensive research in the local tra-dition. Entirely of solid wood, with or without frame, ideal for countryside and able to give warmth to any environment and incredibly versatile, solid wood makes any type of adaptation.

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Modern doors

For the office or home, modern door impresses with its sleek and stylish design. Constantly changing, modern does not impose limits, fits any decor and allows "infinite type of production." We use the best materials on the market, transforming shapes and colors. To create something truly original that fits your personality. The most important thing is your imagination; our achievements and projects are often based on the drawings of our customers.



There was a time when the quality of materials was not a utopia, where the work of master crafts-men was made to persist. Still now, the old rustic door provides emotions, restoring it is one of our specialties. Careful restoration of a door provide the same value as a furniture, placing it among the list of the most popular and unique products of our time.

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Restore an old door can be very important at a time when the economy takes a "careful evaluation of the costs." We specialize in the restoration of old doors, we perform all types of service and maintenance by polishing or varnishing, changing handles, frame and hinges. Restoring your door will make it unrecognizable, you will not make the difference between old and new. All for half the price.


Entrance doors

The entrance to your home has two main objectives: the invitation to enter the warmth of home and security. Our doors are made entirely of solid wood, with secure locks. As for doors, we offer a comprehensive service for the supply, installation and maintenance. Realizing our doors personally, like all our products, we are able to provide an almost infinite range in all types of wood available on the market. In addition, we offer a complete service for the security of your existing door with the ability to install: deadbolts, locks, cylinders and bulletproof glass.

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Rustic fixtures

A timeless tradition that focuses on the quality of massive structures. The rustics opening with shutters are always a guarantee of impenetrability. It is suitable for isolated houses, they can be equipped with multiple safety systems, with massive locks, and bulletproof glasses. We install shutters and are also based on an existing or new windows.


Modern fixtures

The essential feature of each component is its resistance to time and wear caused by the rain and the sun. Our shutters are painted inside, between each bar for maximum protection humidity absorption. Our materials glued laminated timber are painted with 5 layers: paint transparent, synthetic or water.



The optimization of our maintenance is conducted with our special sanding done thoroughly. We use in this case the paint and the best products on the market with synthetic paints or water. We also do all odd jobs and of course all kinds of maintenance and upgrade of all wood products.



Feel safe in their own home should be a right. Complete protection is now the only solution that we can sleep in peace because we are proud to contribute to your safety with our experience. We offer a full consultation service for the installation of safety equipment even if the windows are not pro-duced by us with new accessories as our own invention. Our safety accessories ranging from locks safe, armored glass, locks and reinforced hinges and if this is not enough, thanks to the collaboration of our locksmiths artisans we perform intrusion systems.


Mosquito nets

People who used to live in this countryside are aware of the problems associated with mosquitoes. We offer a complete service of installation screens on the windows. We have retractable screen vertically and horizontally with fiberglass mesh or nets with sliding aluminum frame and a wire mesh. Of course, we also offer an assistance service and repair.


Double glazed

To protect our energy resources, it is very important to treat the insulation of your windows. Adap-tation by installing double glazing unbreakable shield significantly reduces the penetration of cold air in winter and hot in summer, providing security against intrusion. We install on your old win-dows any type of glass that is on the market.

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Rustic furniture

The classic furniture created in wood are the result of craftsmanship that is consolidating over time. Furniture with a timeless atmosphere, distinguished by his great strength of character. The wide range of available wood gives no limits to creativity.


Modern furniture

Minimalist modern to the most hectic, modern furniture fits perfectly in all circumstances. The available modern furniture lacquered or enameled wood veneer is ideal style for the renewing of your environment. Modern furniture can be made in any shape and style but still characterized by the quality of materials in the structure that consists.

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The environment more human scale must adapt to small spaces. Furniture designed to take advantage of every single millimeter of the environment, the redevelopment of hidden corners, doors or sliding doors, space saving to give maximum comfort. Our Furniture is made with measurements of high quality material, arranged and grouped by customers. Your wardrobe should fit you, not vice versa.



If culture has a weight, a library must be able to contain the global culture. For the office or at home, libraries are distinguished by shapes and styles always different, solid wood or false wood or masonry with doors or without We produce library according to the different needs of our customers by tailoring each measure with the existing wall.

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Luxury, classical or lacquer, the table is the most widely used for food, work or simply to take a de-cision, the table is always essential in any environment. It perfectly reflects the personality of the user, it can be modern or completely massive. The wide range of styles, shapes and colors of our custom tables allows you to integrate seamlessly into any environment.


Hoods for fireplaces

The fireplace is probably the most sophisticated and elegant area of a house. Modern technologies offer fireplaces for every occasion in a wide range of products. To improve the aesthetics of the fireplace, wood is the most used of the hood to the paneled door and shelves support around her. We create any accessory for your home with molds made on site so you do not miss any form or detail. We have old beams for making rustic baskets.

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The name of the "gazebo" is certified in the eighteenth century; refers to the place where you can stop to observe a panorama. Today, mainly used to beautify an outdoor space to recover or simply to protect us from the sun. We design and build any structure with wood and glass, with awnings, sun shelter and with lamellate.





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